Super Tube Jigs

  • Rainbow Glows White
  • Pearl/Pink Glows White
  • Pearl/Green Glows White
  • Pearl/Purple Glows White
  • Pearl/Glow Glows White
  • Pearl/Chart Glows White
  • Non Glow Orange
  • Non Glow Green/Chart
  • Non Glow Purple
  • Non Glow Orange/Chartreuse
  • Non Glow Black
  • Non Glow Pink


Super Tube Jigs

#6 Black Salmon/Steelhead hook

Non Glow and Super Neon Glow available!


Jamminjigs is now using a much stronger hook to assure youre pulling in that huge fish. Jamminjigs is now using Mustad tempered black nickel Salmon/Steelhead #6 hook. Our new hook is at least twice as strong as most other hooks on the market. Steelhead fisherman, you will not be disappointed!


Jamminjigs unique colors and styles are exactly what the Steelhead, Walleye, Bass, Perch and Crappies are looking for!

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