#10 Neon Moon Glow

  • Red/Chartreuse Glows Yellow/White
  • Green/Pearl Glows Blue
  • Orange/Pearl Glows White
  • Red on Red Glows Red
  • Blue/Pearl Glows Blue
  • Green/Chartreuse Glows Yellow/White
  • Orange/Pearl Glows White
  •  #10 Neon Moon Glow


#10 Neon Moon Glow
#10 gold hook

Neon glow paint is ten times brighter and will last up to ten times longer then the normal glow.

Jamminjigs has taken the traditional Moon Glow, and put it in a whole new dimension. With Four colors of Neon Glow in a seven lure multi color selection. So life like, no fish can resist. Fishing Jigs used for Crappie, Sunfish, Bluegil, Perch, and trout.

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